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Bow Wow Detectives® Presents Purple-plexed

Bow Wow Detectives® Presents


Case File 10

$9.95 | Paperback

Release: 8/15/2019

Written and Illustrated by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Photo Trader™ 2-pack included with each in-store book purchase.


Afraid to start fifth grade at her new school, 10-year-old Cassidy sneaks down to the park to look for Jo-Jo, her homeless friend living under the bridge with her sister, the girl she met this past summer. However, when Cassidy arrives, she finds their camp is abandoned and her search for answers leads only to purple-stained clues. Cassidy finds the weekend's concert ticket with purple smudges, a whimpering puppy with a wild mane of fur dyed in two shades of purple, and Jo-Jo's blanket with purple stains.

Where is Jo-Jo when she needs her most? Will she ever see her again? Where did this puppy come from and why is it in Jo-Jo's only blanket? Does the concert ticket offer any clues to their sudden disappearance? Find out in Purple-plexed, Case File 10, Bow Wow Detectives®


A heartwarming story written for children starting a new school and the unexpected blessings that find their way into every new beginning.

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  • Bow Wow Detectives® presents Purple-plexed, written and illustrated by Lisa Loucks-Christenson. Photo Trader™ 2-pack included with each in-store book purchase.
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GumShoe Fudge™ is an exclusive flavor made for the Bow Wow Detectives®

GumShoe Fudge™ is an exclusive flavor made for the Bow Wow Detectives®

Our new GumShoe Fudge™ is an exclusive flavor made for the Bow Wow Detectives®

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